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Bora Testar Covid

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The peripheries and slums of Brazil are the ones that suffer most from the impacts of the pandemic, as they live in precarious urban conditions, often with almost no basic sanitation and garbage collection. In addition to this analogous situation of extreme vulnerability, restricted access to health results in a lethality rate for COVID 19 that is much higher than in the more affluent regions.

Brazilian slums now number 13 million people. Analyzing this scenario and reflecting on how other countries managed to contain the contagion of the virus, we saw that mass testing could contribute effectively to the advancement of the coronavirus. That was how the idea of ​​“Bora testing Covid” was born.
This social project is idealized and created through the union of three companies, Outdoor Social®, Alchemy and Latam Intersect PR, it aims to visit the residents of the communities to do the screening and to carry out the testing free of charge on people who show symptoms. , promoting prevention, guidance and correct diagnosis.
Second recent survey by Outdoor Social Intelligence at G10, a group of the 10 largest communities in the country, found that 71% of respondents had very close contact with the disease, contracted or know someone in their social circle who had to face this drama. Quarantine was not a reality in 34% of people. Of that number 84% was the main motivation was to guarantee employment. This data proves the vulnerability of these territories and shows that the home office is elite, further exposing this population, which needs to go to work to serve the affluent areas.

The costs of this action will be invested in tests, structure, equipment, medical clothing, health professionals and production. In short, 80% of the amount will go to the tests and 20% to the team.

To carry out the campaign, we will use the web app which will be our initial screening tool, the collection and storage of data.
The big data that we will collect in these territories will be an expressive material for collaboration and support for the development of public policies. Initially, it is estimated that 40 tests will be carried out daily, from Tuesday to Sunday during the 26-day period.
In this first collection we aim to serve the following communities: Rocinha, Complexo do Alemão, Complexo da Maré, Vila Kennedy, Brasilândia, Paraisópolis, Heliópolis and Cidade Tiradentes, territories located in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo respectively.

As the campaign unfolds, we will expand nationally the action in the main Brazilian slums. We count on your collaboration so that together we can fight the pandemic and eradicate the virus. Let's donate?

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